The best Ukrainian-made solar panels 2020

The rapid development of Ukrainian solar energy could not but lead to the emergence of domestic plants for the production of photovoltaics. Unfortunately, a high level of competition, especially with products from China at low prices, has allowed only a few of the most high-tech enterprises to survive in the market. Such in Ukraine today are Vinnitsa “KNESS PV”, Kyiv “Prologue SEMICOR” and another metropolitan company “KVAZAR”. Energodar “ENHOL” and the Odessa company “Promsvyaz” carry out small wholesale orders only occasionally. And the Alexandrian “Clean Energy Technologies” failed to launch the production of very promising third-generation flexible solar panels on an organic basis.

For convenience, we have divided our TOP-12 models of Ukrainian-made solar panels into separate blocks, depending on the scope of their use.

1-5 place – panels for home and industrial solar power plants

The absolute leader in sales are the panels of the largest production association in Ukraine KNESS PV (Vinnitsa).


No. 1. Solar panels KNESS SNRG-FR72-MONOPERC-5BB 385 watts

Current price: 4 030 UAH. (

Implementation: the direct manufacturer and the company “Energosave systems”, Krivoy Rog.

Payment and delivery: prepayment, any transport services.

Warranty: 10 years (preservation of 90% of power up to 12 years, 80% – up to 25 years).

Design features:

  • The base of photovoltaic cells is Mono-Si (high-purity single-crystal silicon).
  • The number of cells in the module – 72 pcs. PERC 156.75 ´ 156.75 mm.
  • The overall dimensions of the modules are 1956 ´ 992 ´ 35 mm.
  • Execution – frameless “glass / glass” or frame (anodized aluminum) with a film coating “back sheet”.
  • The number of conductive string-tires – 5 pcs.
  • Protective coating – tempered glass 3.2 mm.
  • Rated power – 385 W (solar insolation level 1000W/m2, temp. 25°C).
  • The built-in cable for connection is copper, section 4 mm 2 , length 1.1 meters.
  • Weight – 21.1 kg.

Physical and technical parameters:

  • Efficiency – 19.9%, thanks to the well-known innovative PERC technology.
  • Withstanding external pressure – up to 5400 Pa.
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C.
  • Current value: 12 volts.
  • Temperature coefficient: -0.38%/1°C.

No. 2. Solar panels KNESS SNRG-FR72-MONOPERC-5BB 370 watts

Current price: 3 500 UAH. ($125)

In addition to a lower efficiency of 19.1%, the basic physical and technical parameters and design of these less productive panels do not differ from the previous model.

The exceptional popularity of KNESS products (sales up to 400 MW per year in Ukraine, Europe and the USA) is explained by a 15-20% lower cost than competitors’ products with comparable capabilities. Including a number of companies from Bloomberg’s TOP TIER-1 list.

Both versions of KNESS solar panels, which are easy to buy, have been certified according to the international quality standards IEC61730-1.2:2016 and IEC61215-1.2:2016.

At the final inspection stage after assembly, electroluminescent surface tests are carried out, allowing you to detect any, even the smallest micron-sized damage.

With a sharp decrease in illumination, solar panels from KNESS PV are distinguished by maintaining a very high performance. So, with complete shading of 20% of the energy-generating plane, the power is reduced by exactly the same amount. With a partial drop in lighting, performance is slightly reduced thanks to the latest PERC technology.

The last important key feature of the panels is resistance to corrosion caused by acid rain with a high moisture content of salts and ammonia.

Number 3. Solar panels Prolog Semicor PSm-315 W

Price: 3,916 UAH

The manufacturer is Prolog Semikor LLC (Kiev).

Implementation: only the manufacturing company.

Delivery: self-delivery, means of delivery services.

Warranty: 12 years (preservation of 90% of power up to 12 years, 80% – up to 25 years).

Prolog Semicor PSm-300-315

The modules of the Kyiv company are somewhat inferior to the products of the Vinnitsa giant in terms of the unit cost per watt of power, temperature coefficient, protection level and efficiency. But they have an extended warranty period – 12 years versus 10, 2 kg less weight and overall dimensions along the length.

Design features:

  • Semiconductor base – Mono-Si (single-crystal silicon).
  • The number of cells in the module – 44 pcs.
  • Module dimensions – 1650 ´ 991 ´ 35 mm.
  • Execution – frame (anodized aluminum).
  • Protective coating – tempered glass 3.0 mm.
  • Rated power – 315 watts.
  • Weight – 18.0 kg.

Physical and technical parameters:

  • Efficiency – 17.5%.
  • Withstanding external pressure – up to 5200 Pa.
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +80°C.
  • Current value: 24 volts.
  • Temperature coefficient: -0.4%/1°C.

No. 4. Solar panels Prolog Semicor PSm-290W

Prolog Semicor PSm-290

Price: 4,455 UAH

The manufacturer is Prolog Semikor LLC (Kiev).

Implementation: only the manufacturing company.

Delivery: self-delivery, means of delivery services.

Warranty: 12 years (preservation of 90% of power up to 12 years, 80% – up to 25 years).

The next single-crystal module in the ranking is produced by the same company, but has its own characteristics. Despite a slightly lower power, its cost is almost 20% higher. The reason for this is an increased number of cells, a particularly robust design with a reinforced frame and thicker glass. Due to this, the PSm-290W panel turned out to be 4 kg heavier and much thicker (50 mm versus 35 mm for PSm-315W).

Design features:

  • Semiconductor base – Mono-Si (single-crystal silicon).
  • The number of cells in the module – 60 pcs.
  • Module dimensions – 1650 ´ 991 ´ 50 mm.
  • Execution – in the strengthened frame (anodized aluminum).
  • Protective coating – tempered glass.
  • Rated power – 290 watts.
  • Weight – 22.0 kg.

Physical and technical parameters:

  • Current at maximum power – 9.2A.
  • Voltage at maximum power – 31.8V.
  • Withstanding external pressure – up to 5400 Pa.
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +80°C.
  • Working current: 24 volts.
  • Temperature coefficient: -0.4%/1°C.

No. 5. Solar panels Quasar KV7-280P-4BB

Price: 3 300 UAH. – retail, 3 000 UAH. – wholesale (from 30 pieces).

Producer – KVAZAR (Kiev).

Implementation: from the manufacturer.

Rated power: 280 watts.

Warranty: 10 years.

The only photovoltaic model in the TOP-5 based on polycrystalline elements. Choosing Poli-Si allows you to buy a quality product cheaper and use it more universally – for example, on roof slopes that are not directed strictly to the south.

The use of such photovoltaics is also optimal in regions with a not too high average annual level of solar insolation.

Among the features of the module from Quasar, it should be noted:

  • alloyed aluminum profile;
  • special durable silicone sealant;
  • protective tempered glass 3.2 mm;
  • the use of automatic rather than manual soldering in the production process;
  • reliable 4 mm connecting wire in UV-resistant and low-temperature insulation;
  • high protection class IP-65.

6th-8th place – solar modules for autotourists

This class includes, as a rule, single panels, which are characterized by the following features:

  1. Average dimensions are 1 m long and 0.5 m wide.
  2. Light weight – up to 10 kg.
  3. Moderate power – from 50 to 100 watts.

This allows motorists to easily transport the panels with them and use them on the road to periodically recharge car batteries.

No. 6. Solar charger KV7-100SM

Price: 9 250 UAH

In this category, the KV-100SM from the Kvazar company looks the most attractive – a full-fledged mini-PVS. It can be carried in a backpack, but it is more comfortable to transport it in a boat or a boat, as well as a car.

The manufacturer is Prolog Semikor LLC (Kiev).

Supply voltage -12V, 5V.

Charging voltage – 12.0 (V).

Rated current – 2.5 (A).

Warranty period – 24 (months).

Sufficiently high performance allows you to recharge almost any small device far from civilization:

  • iPhone, iPod, MP3 players, phones, tablets, laptops;
  • power bank and batteries of classes AA, AAA, CR123R, which will become power sources for flashlights, echo sounders, video cameras, cameras, GPS navigation devices.

During daylight hours, KV-100SM can generate up to 1 kWh of electricity, which is enough to ensure the operation of a car refrigerator, a digital receiver, several hours of laptop operation at night, as well as powering LED lamps in tents.

The rather high cost is associated with the presence in the kit:

  • charge controller,
  • liquid crystal display,
  • car cigarette lighter
  • output to USB;
  • cable with “crocodiles” for the possibility of recharging an external battery (for example, a car).

All types of panels can be paid in any way – through a bank card, cash, cash on delivery. Delivery in Ukraine is carried out according to the current tariffs of delivery services.

No. 7 and No. 8. Solar panels Prolog Semicor PSm-85W and 100W.

Price: 2,200 UAH (85 W), 2.584 UAH. (100W)

A pair of modules from the domestic manufacturer “Prologue Semikor” – for 85 and 100 watts. Panels can only be purchased from the manufacturer.

Delivery: self-pickup, delivery services.

Warranty: 12 years, service life while maintaining at least 80% performance – up to 25 years.

Design features:

  • Semiconductor base – Mono-Si (single crystal).
  • The number of cells in the module – 36 pcs.
  • Module dimensions – 1195 ´ 535 ´ 30 mm.
  • Execution – frame (anodized aluminum).
  • Protective coating – tempered glass 3.0 mm.
  • Weight – 8.0 kg.

Physical and technical parameters:

  • Rated power – 85 W (4.7A ´ 18 V).
  • Rated power – 100 W (5.4A ´ 18.6 V).
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +80°C.
  • Current value: 12 volts.
  • Temperature coefficient: -0.4%/1°C.

Until recently, the company offered another interesting option – the Prolog Semicor MSC-PS-120-14 foldable solar charger. complete with a high-capacity battery at a price of UAH 11,390.

At the moment, this modification is not available on the manufacturer’s website. But, perhaps, its production will resume.

9th-11th place – modules for street lighting

In this niche, Ukrainian-made batteries are represented by three models of the Prolog Semicor company.

No. 8-10. Solar panels Prolog Semicor PSm 150, 195, 200 W

Characteristics:150 W195 W200 W
Current value, UAH3,8624,5384,705
Length / width / height, mm1490 ´ 675 ´ 40.1585 ´ 805 ´ 40.1585 ´ 805 ´ 40.
Number of cells in the module, pcs.487272
Current (max. power), A8,355,35,4
Voltage (max. power), V1836,937,2
Weight, kg121616
Pressure resistance, Pa540054005400
Operating temperature range, °C– 40 / +65– 40 / +80– 40 / +80
Connected systems, V122424
Warranty, years121212
Temperature coefficient, %/1°C– 0.4– 0.4– 0.4

Demand for batteries of this line is gradually growing, in parallel with the wider distribution of lighting equipment with autonomous power supply. Initially, the desire to buy such a set was expressed mainly by the owners of private cottages. Then the municipal authorities were added to the customers, for the installation of panels at suburban public transport stops. Today they are gradually joining:

  • landscape gardening;
  • parking lots, parking lots and service stations located away from centralized power networks;
  • various open industrial areas;
  • farms;
  • some country roads.

Complete with a battery and an automatic motion detection system, one such panel is able to provide effective illumination of a small area for 2-3 nights even in cloudy weather during the day.

The installation of a photovoltaic panel is usually carried out on supports, on top of anti-vandal heavy-duty plastic boxes.

12th place. Solar charger KV7-10PM – mobile batteries for hiking

The last in the list of the most popular Ukrainian photovoltaics should be called compact models from the Kyiv plant of electronic equipment “Kvazar”.

Initially, the company’s product range included a wide range of low-power batteries of the same type with a power spread from 1 to 100 watts. However, the ability of consumers to buy cheaper and more functional Chinese products forced the Kyivans to abandon the “spraying” of production and focus on selling only this model.

Price: 2 500 UAH.

“Clamshell”, which can be worn on a belt, in a backpack or in a bag, at the request of the customer is equipped with such additional peripherals, depending on the price, including:

  • Gel or AGM battery for 7 ampere / hours) plus five different adapters for charging small digital equipment and smartphones;
  • Li-On drives for 5V with power from 4,200 to 12,000 mAh.

Performance characteristics:

Crystal type – single-crystal silicon Mono-Si.

Rated power – 10 watts.

The number of panels in the case – 3 pcs.

Weight – 0.8 kg.

Dimensions (L / W / H) – 730 ´ 235 ´ 35 (unfolded), 22 ´ 235 ´ 40 (folded).

Operating voltage – 5.2 or 12 volts;

The output current is 2.5A (car cigarette lighter), 1.5A (USB connector).

Protection class – IP65.

Operating temperature range: -45°C to +45°C.

Rechargeable Gadgets – AA, AAA, CR123 batteries, iPhone, iPod, netbooks, tablets, phones, MP3 players, etc.

Warranty period – 2 years.

Brief conclusions

Despite the insignificant volume of sales in comparison with European and, especially, Chinese products, domestic photovoltaics are still produced. And for some models there is even a steady demand, including abroad. It remains to be hoped that the state will provide preferences to domestic producers in this area, which will help to significantly expand this promising sector of the domestic market.

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