Top 10 inverters for solar power plants.

inverters for solar power plants

Inverters designed to convert direct current to alternating voltage are an extremely important element of any solar station. The functionality of each model directly affects its prestige and its place in various ratings of specialists and buyers. In this article, we will list the TOP 10 such inverters, dividing them into two categories – domestic single-phase and commercial three-phase.

Criteria for evaluation

Traditionally, the most important criteria used for comparison are considered to be:

  • level of reliability;
  • quality and availability of technical support;
  • term of warranty obligations;
  • operational characteristics;
  • a set of monitoring capabilities;
  • compliance with the listed criteria.

The combination of these indicators led to the following rating.

Single phase inverters

1. Fronius PRIMO 5.0-1

Converter line “Primo” from the world leader from Austria.

  • Type: network.
  • Input voltage: 80 – 1000 volts.
  • Dimensions: 645x431x204 mm.
  • Efficiency: 98%.
  • Weight: 21.5 kg.
  • Power: 5kW.

The indication is displayed on the LCD monitor.

The manufacturer Fronius provides a 7-year warranty for this device.

PRIMO 5.0-1 has three separate levels of protection against overloads, a WLAN / Ethernet LAN interface and the ability to update even from a USB flash drive via a USB connector.

There are six standard and four digital inputs/outputs on the case.

Separately, it should be noted the thoughtful SuperFlex design and the most convenient SnapINverter mounting system.

2. SolarEdge SE.5 + HD wave

SolarEdge SE.5 + HD Wave

The second place for the 5-kilowatt representative of the Solar Age company was provided by several unparalleled unique technologies at once.

He possesses:

  • the fastest DC safety switch;
  • a 12-year warranty, rare for devices of this class, with the possibility of extending it to 25 years;
  • best on the market 99% efficiency;
  • almost 1.5 times the level of loss reduction relative to the most demanding international standards;
  • easy installation both indoors and outdoors thanks to NEMA 4X technology;
  • maximum compactness;
  • advanced monitoring module with parameter measurement accuracy up to 1%;
  • wired Ethernet communication system, wireless Wi-Fi, including using specialized applications for smartphones;
  • certified by UL1741 SA.

Thanks to its performance, the inverter has twice overtaken the previously undefeated Fronius in the rankings and received the top Intersolar Award and Edison awards in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

3. SMA Sunny boy 4000TL-21

SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL-21

The 21-watt universal single-phase inverter “Sled Boy 4000” is considered the best solution for solar systems, some of the modules of which are periodically subjected to partial shading. It continues the tradition of the highly successful 20 Series, adding a number of innovative design features.

Among the main advantages of the inverter are:

  • the presence of patented OptiTrac Global Peak technology, which allows maximizing battery performance with a partial voltage drop on individual cells;
  • reduced number of sections leading to lower costs;
  • special technology applicable to models of any capacity Multistring;
  • high efficiency due to the absence of a fan;
  • high input voltage – 750 volts;
  • the possibility of a uniquely quick “connection by hand”, even without the use of the simplest tools, due to the universal SUNCLIX plug connectors.

The Sunny Boy 4000TL-21 features 97% efficiency, multilingual country settings and Bluetooth® connectivity.

4. Sungrow-SG-KLT-MT5


The next representative of the TOP is the refined and ultra-light “Sungrow KLT MT5” weighing only 11 kg, the winner of the 2018 All Quality Matters Award from TUV.

The model has an efficiency of 98% typical for the European market of inverters of this class and excellent ratings from technical experts.

The most characteristic features:

  • reduced noise level – less than 30 dB;
  • wide temperature range – from -25 to +60 degrees;
  • low cost – less than $1400;
  • compact dimensions – 390x360x133mm.

In addition, the manufacturing company provides impeccable support, an extended warranty, a diverse system of discounts and a number of other promotions.



The European UNO-DM-PLUS-5.0-TL, the last of the 5-watt single-phase inverters from the TOP rating, got into it thanks to an upgraded interface and a number of new engineering solutions.

The “five” from ABB has two independent inputs, a wide input voltage range from 145 to 530 volts and an ultra-fast data processing and output algorithm. With an efficiency of 97.4%, this is one of the best modern inverters for small residential and commercial installations.

Characteristic features of UNO DM5.0 + are also:

  • high performance;
  • the ability to integrate into sets of “smart buildings”;
  • dynamic energy flow control system;
  • intuitive and informative user interface;
  • high-quality Wi-Fi connection;
  • fully sealed housing;
  • low noise;
  • fast installation, configuration and upgrade procedures.

Three-phase inverters

Among the leaders of 2020:

6. Fronius ECO 27.0-3-S

The undisputed sales champion among three-phase units of this power level in the world. The best indicators for all the most significant criteria – performance, reliability, intelligence and communication with the user. Recognized by experts as an ideal solution for network solar power plants for commercial and home use. Complete with MPP tracker.

Other important features include:

  • very serviceable design and futuristic SuperFlex design;
  • perfect omline monitoring via the Fronius Solar.web portal;
  • fully compatible with the power supply of “smart houses” (Smart Grid technology);
  • the most modern and simple installation system Snap-Inverter;
  • Efficiency – 98.4%.

Probably the smartest inverter on the market today, easily handling the challenges of shading, bad weather and power surges. Equipped with a “zero export” system – suspension of electricity output to the network during periods of peak loads.

7. SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL-30 & Core 1

SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL-30 & Core 1

Not inferior to Fronius in terms of efficiency and superior to it in terms of versatility of work with various types of solar modules, CMA Sunny Tripauer has a capacity of 30 kW.

Known for its unique system of integrated load management at a single connection point. This saves the station owner from purchasing several separate controllers for complex panel connection configurations.

Complete with:

  • SPD integrated security system (SPD type II);
  • functional block QonDemand 24/7 – the so-called “reactive power on demand”;
  • multi-line innovative interface design panel;
  • auxiliary display.

Program management is considered the most perfect today.

8. SolarEdge SE-H 3-phase

SolarEdge SE-H 3-Phase

“Solar Age SE-Ash 3-phase” – the inverter is powerful, but at the same time very compact and allows two mounting options – vertical and horizontal. Supports 3-phase grids at 208 and 277/480 volts. An important detail is a mandatory 12-year warranty with the possibility of extension up to 25 years.

Extremely reliable, efficient and easy to install.

Among other advantages:

  • high-quality and fast connection via Ethernet or remotely using mobile plug-ins and/or ZigBee®;
  • NEMA 3R standard – can be installed indoors and outdoors;
  • multi-level protection system, including against lightning discharges;
  • UL1741 SA certified for CPUC network.

9. Sungrow SG110CX Multi-MPPT String

Sungrow SG110CX Multi-MPPT String

By significant criteria, it shows the following data:

  • reliability – warranty obligations for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years inclusive:
  • economic efficiency – efficiency 98.7%;
  • manageability – the presence of nine MPP trackers and full compatibility with double facies modules;
  • protection – built-in PID recovery unit;
  • versatility – Q night functionality, two-in-one DC plug-in, copper and aluminum AC wire compatibility;
  • SMART O&M functionality – remote update capability, intelligent voltage control, online diagnostic mode;
  • safety – standards II SPD, C5 and IP66.

10. ABB TRIO-27.6-TL-OUTD-S2X-400


Swiss network three-phase inverter with an input voltage of up to 400 volts and a power of 27.6 kW (up to a maximum of 30 kW).

Designed for voltage 320 – 480 volts and equipped with two independent MPP trackers. Quite large-sized – 1060x700x292 mm. Typical for the Swiss brand 12 months warranty.

The most distinctive positive features:

  • absolutely reliable case, able to withstand any adverse mechanical and atmospheric influences;
  • ease of adjustment and repair due to the removable housing cover;
  • simultaneous operation with multiple remote temperature and pressure sensors;
  • ultra-reliable protection circuits and surge protectors, including an instant current cut-off circuit.

We hope that this information about the best inverters in the world market will be useful to you.

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