Solar panels recycling


Solar energy is currently the fastest growing and most renewable energy source in the world. The relative decline in the cost of solar energy has made it available to more people than ever before and has led to an exponential growth in its use. Why should solar panels be recycled?

Top 10 Manufacturers of Solar Panels (updated 2023)

Solar Panel Brands

Navigating through the sea of solar panels, each with different models and manufacturers, can seem like an overwhelming task. It’s not easy to determine the best option as you can’t simply take apart a solar battery for testing. The evaluation of panels requires specialized equipment that can detect minor faults

Are solar panels toxic?


For many homeowners, one of the main motivations for switching to solar energy is its environmental friendliness. Thus, when using solar energy, the level of total greenhouse gas emissions (for example, carbon dioxide) is reduced, carbon emissions are reduced. But not everyone thinks that there is another side to the

Why are solar panels dangerous?

The danger of solar panels

Photovoltaic cells make it possible to generate electricity from sunlight, representing one of the most waste-free methods of generating energy. While this technology has significant potential for the future of humanity, it is not without its drawbacks. The dangers of solar energy include different aspects that the technology must overcome

How much do solar panels cost

solar panel

The fact that solar energy is gaining more and more popularity is not surprising. The use of renewable, affordable and environmentally friendly natural energy is growing worldwide. Often, solar installations allow you to meet the energy needs of not only your household or business, but even earn on the “green

How to extend the life of solar panels

how to extend the service life

In general, solar panels are extremely durable. Most manufacturers test them for resistance to strong winds, snowfalls, hail. In addition, solar energy systems usually have no moving parts, so they require little to no maintenance. However, in order to extend the life of solar panels and slow down their degradation,

Connection and installation of solar panels

Wiring diagram

Undoubtedly, solar energy is a promising industry, and installing and connecting a solar battery gives the owner of the device a lot of advantages. But in order to take full advantage of all the advantages of such alternative energy , you need to know how to properly assemble, connect and

Understanding Solar Panel Degradation

Degradation of solar panels - formula

In the realm of renewable energy, solar panels are a beacon of hope. They promise a future of energy independence, harnessing the power of the sun to provide a sustainable source of electricity. However, like all things, solar panels aren’t immune to the passage of time. They degrade, losing their

Service life of solar panels

solar panels lifespan

The purchase and installation of solar panels is an investment that pays off over a certain period of time. While the initial cost may seem high, the monthly energy bill savings, independence from centralized energy sources, and tax incentives certainly bring down the overall cost of a solar power system.

Types of solar collectors

Tubular vacuum solar collectors

In order for a solar collector to give the required return and be effective, it is necessary to understand in detail not only how solar collectors work (the general principle of operation) and how they are made, but also to know about the existence of varieties of these devices. It

How to calculate solar panels

scheme, calculation of panels

Solar panels are an excellent alternative to traditional energy sources, they are environmentally friendly and economical. But in order for solar installations to give the desired result, to work smoothly, trouble-free and productively, it is very important to correctly calculate solar panels for a house or apartment. To do this,

How solar collectors work

solar collectors

Solar energy is a good alternative source of energy for domestic and household needs. It is difficult to overestimate its benefits, because the energy of the Sun can be used not only to generate electricity, but also heat. That’s what solar collectors are for. What is a solar collector The

How to choose solar panels

selection of solar panels

Solar panels have a lot of advantages. This is environmentally friendly energy from an independent renewable source – the Sun. Such devices can work autonomously and help out in hard-to-reach places where there are problems with energy supplies. In the end, solar panels are simply economical, because over time, expensive

Ways to increase the life of solar panels

Life time

Investing in solar energy can be compared to a long-term commitment. The initial cost can be significant, but the investment pays off over time through monthly energy bill savings, convenience, independence from centralized energy supplies, and tax incentives in some cases. Solar panels typically require little maintenance and are said