(Updated 2021) Top 10 Solar Chargers

When leaving the house for a long time – for example, on multi-day hiking trips – the owners of various electronic gadgets face the problem of recharging them. To date, the ideal devices for this are solar-powered chargers. In this article, we will present a brief overview of the TOP 10 such power banks on the global market in 2020. And, first, we will give some advice on the rules for choosing them.

What to look for when buying

1. Type and possibilities of charging solar panels

The basis of modern photovoltaic cells can serve as:

  • monocrystalline silicon – rigid modules, maximum efficiency in ideal lighting, a rapid drop in efficiency in the absence of bright sun, reasonable price;
  • polycrystalline silicon – the same rigidity of plates, less dependent on weather conditions, slightly more expensive than single crystals;
  • thin-film CdTe (cadmium telluride) – inflexible and durable panels with minimal dependence on external conditions, acceptable cost;
  • thin-film CIGS (indium/gallium/copper selenide) – flexible, with maximum efficiency and energy efficiency under any conditions. The disadvantage is several times higher price.

When choosing, you should rely on the combination of charging capabilities that is optimal for you and other fundamental characteristics of the work panels.

2. Power

In chargers, there is an almost direct relationship between power on the one hand, and weight / cost on the other. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to proceed from the question of which and how many devices you plan to charge. In most cases, 5 watts is enough to charge an MP-3 player, 10-12 watts – a phone, 15-20 watts – a tablet, 30 watts – a laptop. If the company is large, it is recommended to choose a battery with multiple panels and higher overall power.

3. Battery

Powerbanks with solar panels have their pros and cons. The presence of a battery allows you to store the energy generated by solar panels during the day, and then give it away at night. However, there is another direct relationship here – the larger the capacity of the battery, the more weight you have to carry and the greater amount of money to lay out.

4. Portability, size and weight

It all depends on the conditions in which the battery will be used. If it is needed on a beach or a yacht, where it will be delivered by a personal car, portability, size and weight will not be critical. But for carrying in a backpack or as a belt around a belt, even a 3kg battery would be a significant weight, not to mention a powerful 30kg kit. Think and try to choose the optimal combination of power and dimensions.

5. Security and durability

When buying, you should focus on what types of external influences this device is protected from. In some cases, mechanical strength is most important, in others – water resistance, and sometimes – reliable protection against sand and dust. Most of the power banks in our TOP list have all types of protections listed, although their degree is different.

6. USB connections

It is theoretically possible to combine all existing types of USB outputs in one device, but in practice it is extremely inconvenient. Therefore, before buying a power bank, be sure to check:

  • What types of gadgets is it directly compatible with?
  • what adapters are included in the kit;
  • Is it possible to charge multiple devices at the same time?

TOP 10 best solar chargers

So here are our top ten:

1. Nektec 21W

Solar charger.

To date, experts call “solar” charging from Nekteck with a power of 21 watts the most purchased power bank for iPhone and Android gadgets. The maximum cell efficiency is 24%, and any connected device is detected automatically, thanks to the presence of an intelligent recognition system.

Main advantages:

  • compactness;
  • light weight – only 510 grams;
  • the ability to charge two devices at the same time;
  • high strength;
  • fast charging.

Characteristics and equipment:

Power – 21 watts.

Number of panels – 3 pcs.

Waterproof – yes.

Battery – no.

Accessories – micro-USB cable, rings for attaching to a belt / belt.

Warranty – 12 months.

Price: Starting at $55.99 (Amazon).

Not available in Ukrainian online stores.

2. Anker PowerPort Solar 2 Ports

Anker PowerPort Solar 2 Ports

Another poverbank among the world leaders of similar performance. It is a conveniently folding “clamshell” of three large solar panels. The polyester surface coating guarantees complete water and dust resistance of the batteries. The device is conveniently attached to backpacks and bags through special holes in the case.

Main advantages:

  • convenient and portable;
  • dual charging capability, multiple ports;
  • absolute resistance to adverse weather conditions;
  • high-speed charging (2.4A per port).

Specifications and accessories:

Power – 21 watts.

Number of panels – 3 pcs.

Waterproof – yes.

Battery – no.

Accessories – micro USB, length 1 m.

Price: Starting at $69.99 (Amazon).

In Ukrainian online stores, a weaker Anker PowerPort Solar Lite 15 W model is available. The average price is 3030 UAH.

3. Dizaul Portable Power Bank 5000 mA

 Dizaul Portable Power Bank 5000 MA

Dizaul’s best solar phone charger that also allows you to charge other low power gadgets such as MP-3 players. The main advantage is the extremely low weight and dimensions of the device (slightly larger than a keychain). The problem of protection against ingress of dust and moisture was originally solved – all incoming USB ports are equipped with sealing rubber plugs.

Main advantages:

  • extremely small dimensions;
  • can be fixed with a special hook to clothes or a bag;
  • very high strength and water resistance;
  • multiple charging ports.

Characteristics and equipment:

Power – 1.2 W.

Number of panels – 1 pc.

Waterproof – yes.

Batteries are built-in.

Accessories – cable and special hook.

Price: from $19.95 (Amazon).

Not available in Ukrainian online stores.

4. Goal Zero Venture 30

Goal Zero Venture 30

Powerful kit for charging almost any device, equipped with two portable solar panels and an independent battery pack. Charging is carried out through a special tip, so adapter cables are not required. The battery capacity is enough for 3 charges of an average smartphone, and the kit itself is completely waterproof. Goal Zero is a real find for lovers of river rafting, where there is a high probability of complete immersion of the charge in the water.

Main advantages:

  • high performance;
  • independence of panels and batteries;
  • absolute water resistance;
  • minimum recharge time.

Specifications and accessories:

Power – 30 watts.

Number of panels – 2 pcs.

Waterproof – yes, completely.

Batteries are external.

Accessories are not.

Price: Starting at $97.99 (Amazon).

The average price in online stores in Ukraine is 3253 UAH.



A low-power, but extremely compact unique power bank that can be easily attached even to jeans. Absolutely impervious to moisture, sand and dust, and is also not afraid of shock thanks to a solid body made of heavy-duty plastic. Reliability is so high that the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on the device.

Main advantages:

  • small, light and heavy duty;
  • comes with a built-in LED flashlight;
  • a pair of USB ports for recharging multiple devices;
  • absolute water resistance;
  • lifetime warranty.

Characteristics and equipment:

Power – 1.8 W.

Number of panels – 1 pc.

Waterproof – complete.

Batteries are built-in.

Accessories are not.

Price: Starting at $14.99 (Amazon).

In the online stores of Ukraine, various configurations are available, up to the model with 5 JETSUN 26800mAh panels.

6. X-DRAGON 20000mAh Power Bank

 X-DRAGON 20000mAh Power Bank

Another popular power bank for iPhone and Android gadgets. The battery capacity is enough for 5 iPhone and 10 iPad recharges. Five deployed panels are not afraid of shock, dust, and moisture. It is supplied with a multifunctional diode indicator – ordinary light, flash and SOS signal. Can be charged from an outlet. Not very handy to carry, but ideal for deployment on boats or the beach.

Main advantages:

  • large charging potential;
  • simultaneous multiple recharging of several devices;
  • several modes of light flux.

Specifications and accessories:

Power – up to 20 watts.

Number of panels – 1-5 pcs.

Waterproof – 100%.

Batteries are built-in.

Accessories are not.

Price: from $9.99 (Amazon).

In Ukrainian online stores are available from 199 UAH.



In terms of characteristics and capabilities, it is identical to the previous model, but is available in several modifications – from two to eight panels. Durable, equipped with a multifunctional flashlight, the panels can be expanded in several ways. It also features various USB outputs for a wide variety of devices. Recharges from the sun and electricity.

Main advantages:

  • large capacitive potential;
  • high strength, insensitivity to weather conditions;
  • several modes of light flux.

Characteristics and equipment:

Power – 2.4 – 24.0 W (depending on modification).

Number of panels – 2 – 8 pcs.

Waterproof – 100%.

Batteries are built-in.

Accessories – 1.5 year warranty.

Price: $39.99 for 2 panels, $119.99 for 8 panels (Amazon)

All configurations are available in Ukrainian online stores.

8.Instapark 10

Instapark 10

Includes three foldable 10W heavy duty semi-rigid panels. Provides simultaneous dual charging of various devices through 2 ports. It folds easily, has a low specific weight and is easily transported in a backpack. Comes with a convenient zippered case.

Main advantages:

  • portability and ease of carrying;
  • low cost relative to total power;
  • does not need an additional battery.

Specifications and accessories:

Power – 10 watts.

Number of panels – 3 pcs.

Waterproof – no.

Battery – no.

Accessories – 1 year warranty.

Price: $49.99 (Amazon).

Available in Ukrainian online stores and periodically in the Allo and Eldorado networks.



Eceen stands out from other competitors from the TOP-10 by the largest size of solar panels with low weight. There are only two of them, but with a good efficiency of 22%, a pair of panels provides, under ideal conditions, up to 20 watts of power and 2 amps per port. The power bank can charge two fairly powerful devices in parallel, and a solid polyester case guarantees protection against accidental drops, as well as penetration of water, sand or dust.

There are hooks for attaching to clothes or backpacks, and for enhanced performance while recharging, a convenient stand is included for optimal orientation in the sun.

The most significant benefits:

  • highly efficient;
  • as light as possible;
  • simple and intuitive functionality;
  • accelerated recharge.

Characteristics and equipment:

Power – 20 watts.

Weight – 450 grams.

Number of panels – 2 pcs.

Waterproof – Fully weather resistant.

Battery – no.

Accessories – stand..

Price: $54.99 (Amazon).

Periodically appears in the online stores of Ukraine.

10. SunJack 20W

SunJack 20W

Manufacturers have equipped SunJack with an intelligent chip to automatically recognize the connected gadget and two powerful batteries. The most productive models of the series (includes power banks from 5 to 20W) can charge the iPad ten times, and are comparable in size to it.

Extremely rugged and portable, dustproof and easy to attach to belts or travel gear thanks to the tab on the top of the device.

Main advantages:

  • up to 10 charges of most smartphones;
  • construction of two combined power banks;
  • attaches easily and comfortably.

Characteristics and equipment:

Power – 5-20 watts.

Number of panels – 1-4 pcs.

Waterproof – absolute weather resistance.

Battery – 2 external.

Accessories – 1 year warranty.

Price: from a complete set (Amazon).

At the moment, it is not present in Ukrainian stores.

Note: since the leaders of world sales appear only occasionally on the Ukrainian trading floors, the goods can be ordered via the Internet on the websites of such largest chain stores in the world as Amazon or E-bay.

Perspectives and future innovations

The main areas of work to improve the capabilities and improve the performance of solar Power Banks are attempts to gradually replace silicon cells with thin-film ones. At the moment, this is hindered by the insufficient efficiency of third-generation photovoltaics.

However, in the next 3-5 years, the mass displacement of the “classics” by them will begin to occur everywhere. As a result, photovoltaic cell chargers will become lighter and much cheaper.

It is also expected to increase the capacity of batteries and replace Li-On with more energy-intensive materials.

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