Tandem cell tested “in the field”


An advanced perovskite-silicon solar cell has been tested in various weather conditions. The tests have clarified how the current-voltage characteristics of tandem roof-mounted panels will differ from the corresponding parameters obtained in the laboratory. The design of innovative solar cells is usually optimized for laboratories. The panels are tested and

Tesla plans production of battery killer

In addition to Space X’s breakthroughs in the space industry, Elon Musk is making his other company, Tesla Motors, more and more successful. Another news that excited the automotive world was the news of the intention of the famous billionaire to start his own production of revolutionary batteries. At the

(Updated 2021) Top 10 Solar Chargers

When leaving the house for a long time – for example, on multi-day hiking trips – the owners of various electronic gadgets face the problem of recharging them. To date, the ideal devices for this are solar-powered chargers. In this article, we will present a brief overview of the TOP

Solar panels recycling


Solar energy is currently the fastest growing and most renewable energy source in the world. The relative decline in the cost of solar energy has made it available to more people than ever before and has led to an exponential growth in its use. Why should solar panels be recycled?

Why are solar panels dangerous?

The danger of solar panels

Photovoltaic cells make it possible to generate electricity from sunlight, representing one of the most waste-free methods of generating energy. While this technology has significant potential for the future of humanity, it is not without its drawbacks. The dangers of solar energy include different aspects that the technology must overcome

Are solar panels toxic?


For many homeowners, one of the main motivations for switching to solar energy is its environmental friendliness. Thus, when using solar energy, the level of total greenhouse gas emissions (for example, carbon dioxide) is reduced, carbon emissions are reduced. But not everyone thinks that there is another side to the